High resolution FHD / natural color / bright day and night / extreme night vision

A new dashcam standard that exceeds the limits of the dashcam dashcam CAT9alpha!
blackcam is equipped with human interface software, high-resolution recording, and high heat-resistant hardware.
As you can't say that it's a better product because it has a higher specification or a lot of features.
The opening of the most efficient Super FHD dashcam opens.

1.The low-light, high-sensitivity image sensor, which can create perfect images even in low-light environments, improves low-light sensitivity to produce clear, bright images even in dark environments. Extreme clarity, rich color reproduction similar to real life, and rich gradation capture every scene in front of you with a deep and realistic image.
2.The ARM Cortex A7 CPU mounted on the blackcam and the Dual CPU Processor equipped with the DSP for image processing are highly efficient and powerful multitasking. It is equipped with the best performance CPU that can process all of these simultaneously, such as LCD screen output, video storage, ADAS and motion detect function.

The blackcam is equipped with a built-in LCD, which enables not only playback of the
dashcam recording video, but also real-time video viewing, playback,
and environment setting by connecting the Dash Cam with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

The extreme night vision function maximizes the sensitivity of the image sensor with the 2D/3D NR (2D/3D Noise Reduction)
function and AAE (Automatically Advanced Exposure) function in a low-light environment. It is a low-light correction technology that maintains.
It records brightly and vividly, not only recording during parking, but also recording during driving.
Extreme night vision technology maximizes the contrast ratio even in invisible parts in low light environments, records accurate image images,
and suppresses noise in low light with low light correction technology to protect the driver's car with extreme clarity and color reproduction.

The blackcam CAT series uses a 3.5" LCD panel, a high viewing angle LCD
panel that is hard to find in a typical dashcam.
3.5" high-resolution LCD allows the driver to
At any time, you can immediately check the recorded video with a simple touch operation.

FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System)

The FCWS function is responsible for your safe driving by calculating the distance from the car in front
and providing a visual warning icon and an alarm sound when a collision danger occurs.

FVDW(Front Vehicle Departure Warning)

The FVDW function is responsible for your safe driving by providing a screen and an alarm sound by recognizing
whether the vehicle in front is departing while not looking at the front, such as smartphone operation
while searching for stops and signals, and searching for directions.

LDWS(Lane Deparutre Warning System)

We provide you with visual warnings and alarm sounds when you leave the lane due to
drowsy driving or driver's carelessness, so you are responsible for your safe driving so as not to be in danger.

Advanced Format Free 3.0
Now we can get out of the situation where we need to format the memory card periodically.
Since TAT stores data in a distributed manner, unused space made of fragments has been stored in an inefficient way.
However, the 3rd generation Real Format Free fat32 technology of blackcam prevents wasting space
by storing data evenly and is compatible with Windows (PC) without a dedicated PC viewer.
From now on, use blackcam's real format-free technology to efficiently store data to increase the life of your memory.
This technology is different from the memory card loop storage method. The memory card loop storage function is of course installed.

Even when there is no driver, blackcam protects the driver's car 24 hours a day.
This function is used to record parking for a long time. When recording parking,
you can meet essential functions that are indispensable.

Advanced Time Lapse

The basic storage method of a dashcam is 15 to 30 frames per second, so it takes
smooth and high-definition video, so a high volume is required.
Also, when the memory is full, a new image is saved on top of the captured image,
and important scenes may be deleted without the driver's knowledge.
blackcam's Advanced Time Lapse function solves this problem.
While parking, one frame per second is taken to efficiently manage capacity.
However, when an shock occurs, it is evolved to the default frame that was originally set and recorded.
In other words, when an shock occurs, it is converted into smooth high-quality video recording.
While securing the storage space of the memory, The Time Lapse function has evolved to fulfill its role.

- Sensitive shock detection recording
blackcam's G-sensor multi-shock exception handling algorithm detects accurate and sensitive parking

- Shock generation count notification function during parking
You can check the recorded video quickly and easily by guiding the number of events that occurred
during the sensitively detected parking recording to the driver through the screen
and voice immediately when boarding the vehicle.

- Battery discharge prevention function
In order to protect the vehicle battery, if the voltage falls below the set
voltage, the dashcam power is automatically cut off and the vehicle battery is not discharged.

- High temperature cut-off function
If the inside of the vehicle rises due to hot heat during parking mode,
the temperature sensor detects this and automatically shuts off the power and stops the operation to protect the dashcam.